Monday, March 30, 2015

Puzzle: Logic Club and a "hire power"

Submissions to this puzzle are due by midnight on Monday April 6.
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To join Logic Club, you must decide to always tell the truth or always lie. Members of Logic Club know who among them are Liars and who are Truthers, and they always follow the rules according to their role.

You happen to be in attendance at a communal interview with three candidates for teaching positions at Emmanuel College, and the school needs your help! It is known that these three candidates (inventively named A, B, and C) are members of Logic Club, but it is not (yet!) known what their roles are. The school would only like to hire a Truther. Your goal is to figure out which of the three candidates is a Truther.

  • A says: "If B is a Liar, then C is a Liar."
  • B says: "If C is a Liar, then A is a Liar."
  • C says: "A is a Liar and B is a Liar."
Who should be hired? Which candidate is a Truther, and why?
Note: A correct answer is good, but an explanation is better.

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