Sunday, September 27, 2015

POTW #2: mOvie vOwels

Due by midnight on Sunday 10/04/2015

The answer to each clue below is a made-up movie title. Each title is obtained by taking the title of a well-known film and changing one of its vowels to an “O”. I have given a brief synopsis of each made-up movie based on its title.

For example, if the clue were, “A caped crusader roams Gotham City thwarting criminals in the late hours, but he can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons and getting bullied by jocks during the day,” the correct answer would be The Dork Knight.

General advice: look for references to both the original title and the modified title in the synopsis. Also, remember that each example changes one vowel (A, E, I, or U) to an O.

3 points will be awarded for each correct title, and 1 point will be awarded for identifying the common theme uniting the films.
  1. Johnny Depp gives a stellar performance in this true-life tale of mobsters, the FBI, and the search for a deadly, dark-colored fungus.
  2. This critically-acclaimed Oscar-winner depicts the mayhem and violence caused by corruption, organized crime, and double-agents at a big city’s department of Citizenship & Immigration Services.
  3. In this dark tale of entangled crimes and accusations, a softball team’s enigmatic extra infielder is murdered by his childhood pal.
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