Monday, October 5, 2015

Solution to POTW #2: mOvie vOwels

See this link for the original puzzle post.

  1. Johnny Depp gives a stellar performance in this true-life tale of mobsters, the FBI, and the search for a deadly, dark-colored fungus.
    Black Moss (from Black Mass)
  2. This critically-acclaimed Oscar-winner depicts the mayhem and violence caused by corruption, organized crime, and double-agents at a big city’s department of Citizenship & Immigration Services.
    The Deported (from The Departed)
  3. In this dark tale of entangled crimes and accusations, a softball team’s enigmatic extra infielder is murdered by his childhood pal.
    Mystic Rover (from Mystic River)
Theme: All of these movies are set in the city of Boston, MA. (More specifically, they're crime dramas set in Boston, but I accepted "set in Boston" as sufficiently correct.)

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